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A Statement About Our Mission

Founded in March 2023, Outdoor Aggregate's fundamental purpose is to establish the first comprehensive, online resource for decorative aggregates. One place where you can find a diversity of design possibilities, with virtually every type of landscaping aggregate known, and many you may not have heard of before, right at your finger tips. And in that same place, you will also discover everything you need to know about working with each and every unique material from an independent and impartial source whose information you can trust. Currently, there is no place like that for homeowners and DIY or professional, landscape gardeners - something I have wanted as a keen gardener.

So, there was this giant void to fill, and along with it came the opportunity to try to build something great. The chance to make a contribution that would be of value to potentially millions of people worldwide, because this is completely missing. At the same time, take a big risk and attempt to make a living from a concept that will only be successful if it is able to encourage a significant amount of human creativity and empower enough people to challenge themselves or fulfil one of their dreams. What an honour!

When we began, the idea of achieving a goal as lofty as the completion of an online encyclopaedia for decorative aggregates complemented by a comprehensive guide to landscaping for homeowners sounded like a life's work - it is daunting! And although we may never feel as though we were able to achieve it, we felt that if we just started building from a foundation based on sound principles with the goal of getting as close as we can, whatever the result, it will be a resource of great value, possibly for decades to come. And how do we achieve that?

Integrity, impartiality to truth, transparency, quality and the imperative to act in good faith towards our readers and partners, at all times, and above all else. Outdoor Aggregates will never misrepresent, nor turn a blind eye, for the profit motive. For us, our purpose could not be any clearer. Therefore, in order to exist, we must always act in good faith, because a resource definable as comprehensive, by nature, must itself be pure - based on facts to the best of our knowledge. After all, is there anything in the entire universe more comprehensive than truth?

Our marketing is guided by an over-arching philosophy. It is simple and principled, possessing two qualities that make it robust.

When you market a product or service by just selling the truth, eventually, that market will find you. And from that day, they will always be, and always remain, the greatest marketing, that was forever free, because it is win-win!

Ben Parrot // Landscape Gardener and Founder

A Rock Odyssey: Leaving no Stone Unturned

Landscaping isn't just about sprucing up a patch of earth; it's about painting a living canvas that transforms with each passing season. In the grand theater of nature, the art of landscaping is the script that weaves tales of beauty, harmony, and sustainability. At Outdoor Aggregates, using decorative aggregates as your medium, we teach you to become a master painter of your own outdoor vision, by providing you with the know-how and tools required for achieving true mastery!

Why Landscaping Matters

When one contemplates the significance of landscaping, it's more than merely about aesthetics. Landscaping provides an outdoor living space; a sanctuary and place where life blossoms and memories flourish.

  1. 1
    Sustainability: A well-planned landscape is nature's ally. It fosters a habitat for wildlife, promotes natural flora, and ensures a balance in the ecosystem.
  2. 2
    Well-being: Beautiful landscapes are therapeutic. They offer a tranquil escape from the daily hustle, reinvigorating the soul with every gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing rhythm of nature's melody.
  3. 3
    Economic Value: Landscaped homes can see a significant surge in property value, not to mention the appeal it adds to potential buyers or tenants.

Meet the Team

In the world of gardening, there's a team focused solely on the beauty and functionality of decorative aggregates for outdoor design. Meet the people and minds behind the Outdoor Aggregates vision—a team that aims to help you mould nature's raw elements into stunning outdoor masterpieces. Our collective passion, creativity, research and expertise aims to help every reader turn their outdoor space into a beautiful and eco-friendly haven.

Whether you're keen to collaborate, seeking expert advice, or simply wish to show appreciation for our work, contact us and connect with the Outdoor Aggregates team, anytime.

'Thank you for choosing Outdoor Aggregates, where every stone can tell a story.'