Rubber Chippings

Rubber Chippings

This section is your comprehensive guide to all the decorative aggregates of a rubbery kind. It will includes articles designed to equip you with knowledge to understand the applications, benefits and areas of concern. We cover basics and advanced topics to build on your foundation. Across this website, our goal is to guide you on planning and execution with integrity, so that you can find out what is really involved in building a feature that lasts, or using a synthetic decorative aggregate, whether it be for a play area, or garden project.

You might ask: Why would anyone use a rubber decorative aggregate? Well, besides an aesthetic that appeals to many, it's due to highly shock-absorbent quality of rubber chippings, making them one of the most popular surfaces for play areas or any where safety is the primary concern. They provide a cushioned surface, which significantly reduces the risk and severity of injuries. However, they are not without their share of controversy, either.

Finally, we also provide easy-to-follow, DIY project instructions, tips for a smooth process, as well as handy online tools for calculating your materials and estimating costs to help you to independently plan your own design. We believe that anyone can build the outdoor space they envision when they can access the right information, free of biases. Integrity is a core pillar of our ethos at Outdoor Aggregates.

In short, whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast, or just wanting to get to know the lay of the land before reaching out to professionals, our aim is to be your comprehensive, unbiased source on recycled rubber chippings.

Categories & Content

Rubber For Play Areas

Rubber play surface

Play Surface

Discover safety surfacing for playgrounds. From rubber surface maximum fall safety to budget-friendly, natural options, get informed and make the best choice.

Play bark rubber. Jpg

Rubber Play Bark

Learn about the safety profile of rubber chippings for play areas. Play rubber bark is low-maintenance and easy to install, but just how safe and durable is it?

Rubber mulch for playgrounds

Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

Learn about the types of low-maintenance, recycled rubber mulch flooring. Bonded rubber playground chips are a solution offering durability and unmatched play area safety.

Rubber bark chippings

Rubber Bark

Discover the durability, pros and cons about these coloured rubber chippings. Learn about its safety and concerns as a low-maintenance, popular choice of playground surface.

Rubber wet pour surface. Jpg

Rubber Wet Pour Surfaces

A comprehensive and unbiased guide on wet pour rubber surfaces for playgrounds, covering the unmatched safety features, durability and design flexibility.

Close up of checkered playground tiles

Rubber Playground Tiles

Rubber garden tiles boast critical fall protection and eco-friendly, flexible design potential. Easily work out your needs and budget with our tile calculator.

Rubber For Landscape Gardening

Rubber mulch

Rubber Mulch

A detailed look at the advantages, disadvantages and dangers of using the colorful, recycled tyre rubber chippings as a mulch in your garden for weed control through to its aesthetic appeal.

Rubber garden chippings

Rubber Chippings For Garden

Ranging in application from rubber garden paths to as a rubber mulch for garden weed control, get the facts, benefits and risks of using recycled rubber for gardens.

Rubber edging for garden

Garden Rubber Edging

Explore the benefits and types of recycled rubber garden edging, from its re-purposed beginning to its impressive durability. Get installation tips and more.

Rubber For Equestrian Surfaces

Equestrian rubber chippings. Jpg

Equestrian Rubber Chippings

Explore the applications, safety and benefits of equestrian rubber chippings. Find out both the pros and cons behind using recycled rubber for arena surfaces.

Chipped rubber

Chipped Rubber

Get unbiased advice on the common uses for chipped rubber, including the safety, benefits and potential dangers of each. Make an informed choice about your rubber chippings garden project.

Rubber chippings 1

Rubber for Horse Arenas

Explore the issues and benefits about using rubber chippings for horse arenas. Find out the safety and all-weather suitability of a sand and rubber arena surface.

There is a wonderful world of decorative aggregates out there waiting to be discovered for your next project. Check out them out!