Slate Chippings

Slate Chippings


Welcome to the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates, Outdoor Aggregates, and our category page dedicated to slate chippings, the decorative aggregates favoured among gardeners and landscapers for their practical benefits and decorative appeal. These durable, natural stones are eco-friendly and available in a variety of sizes and colours. Each hue adds a unique character to garden designs, and we cover each one of them in detailed listings that include photos, descriptions and suitable applications.

The size of slate chippings ranges from small, pea-sized pieces called 'slate mini mulch', to larger chunks, providing versatility for various landscaping needs. The smaller sizes are ideal for pathways, creating a flat surface for walking, while larger sizes serve well for ground cover and decorative purposes. The two most common sizes are 20mm, which is perfect for pathways, and 40mm, better suited for ground cover and weed prevention. There are also larger-sized slate chippings, called paddlestones, which range from 60mm and upwards.

Slate chippings pathway with sandstone edging

Slate chippings offer numerous benefits. They improve drainage, prevent weed growth and protect soil from erosion all while adding an eye-catching new look to gardens or outdoor areas. Slate chips also retain moisture, helping to keep plants hydrated, and are safe for aquatic life, making them suitable for ponds and water features. Their low-maintenance durability makes it a practical choice for most hardscaping applications, including pathways, driveways, borders and decorative features. Slate's breathtaking colours and functional properties make them an attractive and sound option for many gardening projects. 

Below are links to our encyclopaedia listings for every slate colour available. They include everything you need to know about using slate chippings in garden design, including product detailed specifications, benefits, incompatibilities and suitable applications.

Slate Chippings

Blue slate chippings jpg

Blue Slate Chippings

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Grey slate chippings

Grey Slate Chippings

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0 plum slate chippings

Plum Slate Chippings

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0 green slate chippings

Green Slate Chippings

Feel empowered to purchase with confidence by checking the specifications, benefits and uses of green slate chippings before you buy in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Black slate chippings

Black Slate Chippings

Want versatile elegance for your next landscapade? Before purchasing, find the specifications, benefits and uses of black slate chippings in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Rustic slate chippings. Jpg

Rustic Slate Chippings

Where else would you find the specifications, benefits and uses of the best kept secret in decorative slate, rustic slate chippings? In the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates for outdoor design.

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