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Blue Slate Chippings

The Ultimate Landscaping Material

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By Ben Parrot - Landscape Gardener & Amateur Geologist


Slate landscaping material and construction aggregate

Geological name(s):

Cambrian, Ordovician

Other Name(s):

Welsh blue slate, blue stone chippings, blue grey slate chippings, slate gravel, blue chippings


Blue slate chips, also known as blue-grey slate chippings, are decorative stones widely regarded for their natural charm and enchanting blue-grey colour, which intensifies when wet. Their versatility and durability also make them an ideal choice for enhancing the appearance of any outdoor surface, be it pathways, driveways, garden beds, or even water features. Add the low maintenance and cost-effectiveness, and you see what makes blue slate chippings a popular choice in hardscape design.

This encyclopedia entry offers a comprehensive overview of the specifications, advantages, and multifaceted uses of blue slate chippings, a landscaping material packed with benefits. This page also serves as a portal to an array of resources, including a list of similar alternatives, articles for inspiration covering fundamental design principles, links to design fundamentals, inspirational ideas, and DIY-friendly project guides.






fall safety





fish friendly

eco friendly



diy friendly






Blue-grey slate



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Size Range

20-60mm (0.8-1.6 inches)

20mm blue slate chippings, blue slate chippings 40mm,

60mm blue slate paddlestones

Fall Safety

Unsuitable for play areas





Fish Friendly


Blue slate 20mm and 40mm









Blue slate garden path


Decorative aggregates, like blue slate chippings, offer numerous benefits in garden decoration and as a construction aggregate. They are durable, low maintenance, and provide excellent weed suppression. Their varied colours and textures add aesthetic appeal while aiding in moisture retention and soil temperature regulation.

Blue slate chips, in particular, are prized for their striking blue colour that can transform any garden space. Blue slate's flat shape makes it ideal for creating stable garden paths and borders. When wet, the chips reveal a richer hue, enhancing their visual appeal and making them a favourite for water features and ponds.

  • Inhibits weeds
  • Improves drainage
  • Hard-wearing
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Moisture retention
  • Versatile all-rounder
  • pH neutral
  • Quick space transformation
  • Safe for aquatic life
  • Root protection
  • Easy to lay


Blue slate chippings are versatile, making them suitable for a range of applications. Whether for a pathway, driveway, border, patio or as a ground cover in garden beds, their unique blue hue offers a stunning contrast against green foliage and colourful flowers, making them popular in contemporary garden designs. In addition, incorporating stylish accessories, such as weather-resistant pots or decorative lanterns can add further interest and visual appeal to a garden adorned with blue slate chippings. 

In the following section, we list many common blue slate chippings uses, although it is not exhaustive. Wherever there is a hyperlink beside an item, an article from Outdoor Aggregates about the topic is available.

Blue slate chips garden

Inspiration and Informational Articles

DIY-Friendly How-To Guides

Need to work out how many stone chippings your  project needs? Try our free gravel calculator.

Other Applications

Some other excellent applications for blue slate chips include:

  • As a paving base for terrace, patio or outdoor seating areas
  • Slate aquarium caves
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Unsuitable For

The following list represents the kinds of applications that blue slate chippings are not suitable for:

  1. 1
    Decorative borders featuring trees or shrubs that may be vulnerable to extreme heat or require a large amount of water.
  2. 2
    Blue slate chips are unsuitable for french drains. 
  3. 3
    Play surfaces
  4. 4
    Areas requiring high foot traction.

Similar Alternatives to Blue Slate Chips

The following is a list of decorative aggregates which are alternatives to blue slate chippings. They may offer you a more suitable variation on the primary colour, a more economical option, or a close substitute for cases where the base material may be unsuitable for the project you are creating, e.g. limestone is not fish-friendly, where slate is.









10-30mm (0.4-1.2")

flaky, flat




10-40mm (0.4-1.6")

flaky, flat




10-20mm (0.4-0.8")




10-30mm (0.4-1.2")





10-20mm (0.4-0.8")



Under £80







Edging tool for slate chips garden

Blue slate aggregates are generally low maintenance, especially when a heavy duty membrane is installed underneath to suppress weeds, with most work limited to the infrequent removal of weeds or debris. Occasional power washing is advisable to maintain the original colour and prevent buildup. Natural quarry materials also may have dust, which should be hosed off with water at the time of installation.

For areas with heavy footfall, such as paths or footpaths, replenishment of chippings may be required over time to maintain depth and coverage. For more on how to clean slate chippings, read our article: how to clean garden stones.

Purchasing: The Convenience of Bulk Bags

Blue slate garden edging

Before choosing your blue slate chippings, consider the size and colour variation to match your design needs. For paths, utilise small blue slate chippings, products like slate mini mulch or a 10mm blue slate chipping laid at the correct depth. Borders and driveways can benefit from blue slate chippings 20mm, as they are more durable for creating a low-maintenance surface for your vehicle's parking area. Large 60mm slate chippings, also known as blue slate paddlestones, are commonly used to add texture to hard borders.

Using our gravel calculator to get an unbiased estimate for your project needs is one of the best and easiest ways to get the right amount without the risk of shortfalls or over-spending - all you need is a few measurements of the space. When purchasing, opt for a 20mm slate chippings bulk bag, especially for larger projects, to ensure uniformity and cost-effectiveness. Always check the delivery advice and information from the store, as well as the availability, before placing an online order. This step is vital for customers with specific size requirements or colour preferences.


What are blue chippings?

Generally, they are a blue slate aggregate, which is a flat, angular product with pale grey tones when dry and deeper sea blue shades when wet. They are an excellent choice for use in front garden borders and pathways.

Blue chippings are easy to install and maintain and provide a modern, contemporary look to any outdoor space. They are also a great way to add texture and colour to a garden.

Can you drive on blue slate chippings?

Slate chippings are generally not ideal for driveways that experience high traffic volumes, particularly from heavy vehicles. In these circumstances, they can tend to crumble and have sharp edges that could damage vehicle tyres. Therefore, we recommend creating gravel driveways instead. However, if you have your heart set on it as a driveway surface, using large blue slate chippings is advisable.

What are Burlington slate chippings?

Burlington slate chippings, or blooma blue chippings, refer to small fragments or pieces of slate sourced from the renowned Burlington quarry in the Lake District, England. Produced from crushed rock, these chippings are prized for their natural beauty, durability, and rich colour variations, making them popular for decorative landscaping purposes such as pathways, gardens, and water features.

How do you clean slate chippings?

To clean slate chippings, either power hose them or create a large sieve with an old wheelbarrow and use a hose to rinse them off.

Do chippings stop weeds?

Yes, chippings are an effective way to stop weeds. They also conserve moisture and can help maintain the PH levels of soil or ponds.

There are many other colours of slate chippings available for your project. Check out them out!

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