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Dove Grey Limestone Chippings

An attractive and economical ground cover

Dove grey limestone gravel close up

By Ben Parrot - Landscape Gardener & Amateur Geologist


Stone landscaping material and construction aggregate

Geological name(s):

Carboniferous limestone

Other Name(s):

Dove grey chippings, grey limestone chips, limestone chippings grey, Derbyshire grey gravel, decorative grey stones, Derbyshire peak stone


Decorative aggregates like dove grey limestone chippings lend a contemporary touch to landscapes, offering an attractive and economical ground cover along with many other practical uses. Recognised for its understated elegance and widespread appeal, this encyclopedia entry offers a comprehensive understanding of the key specifications, advantages, and multifaceted uses of grey limestone chippings.

This page will guide you to resources about design fundamentals, a trove of inspirational ideas, and instructions for DIY projects that utilise this versatile material.

Dove Grey Limestone Chippings Specifications





fall safety





fish friendly

eco friendly



diy friendly






Dove grey



Close up of dove grey limestone

Size Range

6-20mm (0.2" - 0.8")

10mm grey gravel, dove grey limestone chippings 20mm, dove grey limestone 20mm

Fall Safety






Fish Friendly


Dove grey gravel close up









Dove grey limestone garden path


Dove grey limestone chippings is a hard-wearing decorative aggregate with a clean, contemporary look. Its light grey hue reflects sunlight, brightening shaded gardens and creating a sense of spaciousness. Its superior compaction properties also make it ideal for high-traffic areas such as driveways and walkways. They provide a neutral backdrop that complements vibrant and subdued planting schemes. However, as an alkaline agent, they can harm plants that thrive in pH-neutral conditions and are unsuitable for acidic soil gardens and planted areas like beds or borders.

Grey limestone chippings are also very budget-friendly, meaning that you can upgrade your outdoor spaces with a visually striking, low-maintenance, and highly versatile feature without breaking the bank.

  • Inhibits weeds
  • Improves drainage
  • Hard-wearing
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Moisture retention
  • Versatile all-rounder
  • pH alkaline
  • Quick space transformation
  • Unsafe for aquatic life
  • Pipe beddings
  • Easy to lay


Dove grey limestone chippings is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. You can use them to create attractive and functional driveways, pathways, and patios. This aggregate is also a popular choice for providing contrast in rock gardens and as a base for water features due to its neutral colour and pleasing texture, they are not suitable for aquatic life. Grey limestone chippings are also widely used as a construction aggregate for pipe bedding, surrounds, and ready-mix concrete.

In the following section, we list many of the common Dove grey chippings uses, although it is not an exhaustive list. Wherever there is a hyperlink beside an item, an article from Outdoor Aggregates about the topic is available.

Grey gravel driveway with brick edging

Informational & Inspirational Articles

DIY-Friendly How-To Guides

Need to work out how many stone chippings your  project needs? Try our free gravel calculator.

Other Applications

Some other excellent applications for dove grey limestone chippings include:

  • Base for terrace, patios or outdoor seating areas
  • Sub base layers
Limestone grey under leaves in a garden

Unsuitable For

The following list represents the kinds of applications that dove grey limestone chippings are not suitable for:

  1. 1
    Aquascaping due to the alkaline effect on water pH posing harm to aquatic life.
  2. 2
    High moisture areas like pond linings due to alkaline nature.
  3. 3
    As an alkaline agent, they are unsuitable for acidic soil gardens, and as a general rule, they are not suitable for use as a ground cover around plants and trees unless they are suited to alkaline soils.
  4. 4
    Some experts say that limestone chippings are unsuitable for french drains because they deteriorate and pack down like a sub base. 
  5. 5
    Play surfaces due to the unforgiving nature of the gravel in the event of a fall.

Similar Alternatives to Dove Grey Limestone Chippings

The following is a list of decorative aggregates which are alternatives to dove grey limestone chippings but offer unique variations on the primary colour, offer more economical options or substitute where they may not be optimal for the project you are creating.








grey, silver


6-20mm (0.4-1.2")



grey, blue

10-40mm (0.4-1.6")

flaky, flat


grey, cream


6-20mm (0.1-0.8")



dark grey


5-20mm (0.2-0.8")



black, grey


10-20mm (0.4-0.8")



Under £80







Raking dead leaves in a garden

Dove grey limestone chippings are generally low maintenance, especially when a weed control fabric is installed underneath to suppress weeds, with most work limited to the occasional removal of debris. Occasional power washing is advisable to maintain the original colour and prevent build up. Natural quarry materials also may have dust, which should be hosed off with water at the time of installation.

For areas with heavy footfall, such as paths or footpaths, replenishment of chippings may be required over time to maintain depth and coverage. For more on how to clean stone chippings, read our article: how to clean garden stones.

Purchasing Tips

Limestone boulders in grey

Consider the size and quantity needed for your project when purchasing dove grey limestone chippings. Where available, it is cost-effective to request a sample to assess the stone's colour and quality against your design requirements. Also, consider the size you'll need; for instance, 20mm grey limestone chippings are typically used for driveways, while smaller 10mm grey chippings are better suited to footpaths.

Using our gravel calculator to get an unbiased estimate of quantity, and an accurate price, for your project needs is one of the best and easiest ways to get the right amount - all you need is a few measurements of the space. Ordering dove grey chippings bulk bags is often more cost-effective than smaller quantities. Also, always ensure you consider the delivery aspects, especially the vehicle access to the site.


What is 10mm limestone and what is it used for?

10mm grey limestone chippings are small-sized angular gravel used for various decorative and practical landscaping and garden design applications. 10mm limestone chippings are typically suited for paths, decorative borders, and as a top layer for driveways due to its smaller size, which provides a more compact surface.

What is 20mm limestone chippings used for?

20mm limestone chippings are commonly used for driveways, landscaping borders, and patios due to their large size, which provides better drainage and a more stable surface.

How much does a bulk bag of limestone cover?

A bulk bag of limestone typically covers about 22 square metres (236 sq ft) at a depth of 30mm (1.2").

What colour are limestone chippings?

Limestone chippings are generally available in a range of greys, from light dove grey to darker shades, and sometimes in buff or cream hues.

Can you get grey gravel?

Yes, grey gravel is a decorative aggregate available in various shades, from light to dark grey and is a popular choice for modern and traditional garden designs.

What is Derbyshire grey gravel?

Derbyshire grey gravel is a type of decorative gravel or limestone aggregate primarily sourced from quarries in Derbyshire, England. It is known for its distinctive grey colour and is often used in landscaping and construction projects for its aesthetic appeal and practical purposes such as drainage and ground cover.

There are many other varieties of stone chippings available for your project. Check out them out!

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