Wood Chippings

Wood Chippings


Welcome to our section, which provides general information about the various types of garden products classified as wood chippings. This group of natural decorative aggregates is economical, sustainable and fully bio-degradable. Useful in so many different ways, ranging from uses for pathways and border mulches right through to children's play areas and equestrian surfaces, there really isn't much they cannot do outdoors.

While there are two primary base materials, wood from the inner part of the tree and bark from the outer part, there are many common variations of wood chippings products sold to the public. All of them have their unique abilities and qualities that can make certain varieties more suitable to specific tasks, which can be confusing. But have no fear; it is part of Outdoor Aggregates' mission to demystify the general nomenclature surrounding all decorative aggregates to help you find the right type of materials best suited to your needs.

So if it's some kind of naturally-made ground cover you're after, one that returns nutrients to the soil whilst protecting your garden and suppressing weeds, you are in the right place to find out more about these wonderful, life-giving products.

Product Pages

Wood Products

Hardwood chip

Hardwood Chips

The specifications, benefits and uses of common garden hardwood chip retail products, from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Bark play chips copy

Play Chip

Find the specifications, benefits and uses of softwood and hardwood play chips for play areas from the ONLY unbiased and independent source specialised in decorative aggregates.

Close up of cocoa shell mulch

Cocoa Shell Mulch

Cocoa shell mulch is a popular choice for sustainable gardening. Find out what makes it such a powerful weed and pest deterrent, as well the dangers for dogs.

Engineered wood fibre close up

Engineered Wood Fiber/Cushion Fall

Explore engineered wood fiber, called Cushion Fall in UK, for play area surfaces. From costs, benefits and upkeep, we find out why EWF is the best!

Strulch. Jpg


Strulch is an organic straw mulch product for gardening, which offers great benefits like pH 7 and pest control. Find its specifications, benefits and uses in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Compost mulch

Compost Mulch

Find out the specifications, benefits and suitability of common compost mulch products for your garden, prior to purchasing, in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Bark Products

Decorative bark chippings

Decorative Bark

Before you buy, find out about the specifications, benefits and uses of decorative bark, an ornamental bark for gardens, in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Pine bark mulch

Pine Bark

Find the specifications, benefits and uses of the many various pine bark products for gardens, in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Landscape bark 1

Landscaping Bark

Find unbiased info, specifications and benefits about the product called landscaping bark, an economical bark mulch widely sold but not always understood. 

Play bark chippings. Jpg

Play Bark

Find unbiased specifications, benefits and information about the various play bark products for use as a safety surface in children's play areas, as well as other applications and helpful links.

There are plenty of other types of decorative chippings available for mulching or sprucing up your garden. Check out them out!