Welcome to our guide about decorative chippings. Browse the different slate, stone, wood, and rubber options, and learn the unique qualities each can offer to your garden project design. Delve deeper into their individual specifications and uses to discover ideal textures, benefits and styles that will align with your landscaping vision.

Functional Features

In this section we cover practical types of DIY projects, where the primary purpose is to add utility to your outdoor areas, requiring higher standards and quality of finish. From building serious paths and driveways, innovative drainage solutions and child play areas, to patios and crazy paving, our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions can help users of appropriate skill levels to judge the scope of their project, and plan to execute, accordingly.

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Aesthetic Features

Focused on giving you the tools to design and build features using decorative aggregates, this section journeys through creative DIY outdoor designs all about enhancing your outdoor aesthetic. Explore ways to add color and texture to your garden by creating enchanting rock gardens, soothing water features, decorative planters, and even aquarium designs. Each project comes in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to transforming your outdoor space, in your own unique style!

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Our valuable resource covering the many DIY materials required for preparing and installing your landscaping projects using decorative aggregates. We provide insights, tips, and expert advice on a wide range of materials, from timber and fasteners to weed fabrics, tools, adhesives and more, helping you make informed decisions to bring your creative outdoor plans to life. Explore our materials section to gain the knowledge to tackle your DIY journey with confidence.

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Performing regular maintenance not only preserves visual appeal of decorative aggregate installations, but also increases their longevity, ensuring they remain spectacular features in home gardens and outdoor spaces. Best of all, decorative aggregates are super low-maintenance, so upkeep is easy! With our guides and the dedication of a little time into rejuvenation, you can take continue to enjoy your immaculate outdoor space whilst maximising the value of your investment.



A landscaping plan is fundamental to the success of any garden project, ensuring that each piece is in place to serve its purpose. Yet, even just a little bit of planning can really help things come together for the big event. It almost goes without saying that a good plan is more likely to yield an amazing outdoor feature, and one which is also as durable, as it is functional and beautiful. Besides, a well-executed plan can be even more - it will also be a great source of pride.

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Foundations in Landscaping

Our "Foundations in Landscaping" series is your essential guide to mastering the art of DIY landscaping. From small gravel to larger stones, we'll demystify the world of landscaping to help you make informed decisions for your projects. Our team of professional landscape gardeners has decades of experience and we're passionate about sharing our expertise with you. Get ready to dig into the world of landscaping as we lay the foundations for your gardening success.



Renovating your outdoor space with decorative aggregates can be a fantastic way to transform your home. However, without adequate drainage, water build up can cause damage to your project, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. So, whether you're planning a small garden makeover or a large-scale landscaping project, make sure you invest in the right drainage solutions to keep your outdoor features durable and looking beautiful for years to come.

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There are many other amazing types of outdoor aggregates available for your project design needs. Check out them out!