Welcome to our section dedicated to guiding you on the simple maintenance and occasional cleaning of your beautiful stones, chippings, bark, and gravel features. So, you've taken the wonderful step of incorporating decorative aggregates into your landscaping. Congratulations! First off, here's some great news: they are superstars when it comes to being low-maintenance. They're sturdy, they're resilient, and they look good with minimal effort.

Most of the time, nature does its thing with rain showers giving them a rinse. However, every once in a while (think once a year or so), they might need a deeper clean, especially if you're thinking of reaping the rewards when selling. Our step-by-step guides will show you the ropes. We'll talk you through the easiest and most efficient ways to spruce up your aggregates, ensuring they stay vibrant and continue to make your outdoor spaces.

So, if you're ready to give a little love back to the aggregates that have transformed your space, dive into our easy-to-follow guides and the simple secrets of maintaining your decorative aggregates. Because with just a bit of effort, the rewards will shine brightly in your garden for years to come!

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