Let's Make A Plan!

Welcome to our section dedicated to proper preparation and planning. A landscaping plan is fundamental to the success of any garden project, ensuring that each piece is in place to serve its purpose. Yet, even just a little bit of planning can really help things come together for the big event. It almost goes without saying that a good plan is more likely to yield an amazing outdoor feature, and one which is also as durable, as it is functional and beautiful. Besides, a well-executed plan can be even more - it will also be a great source of pride.

Skeletons having a planning meeting

Err, not that type of skeleton plan - that looks more like a local council planning meeting.

Have you ever sketched out a skeleton plan? This website began as a very large one, designed to help you manifest your outdoor creations iteratively, piece-by-piece - just like building an art installation in your garden! Whether you're a dab hand, or just a beginner, our guides, tips, tools and calculators are always right at your finger-tips. By empowering you with knowledge and a bit of our expertise, you will be ready to begin planning layouts, estimating the right materials and quantities, as well as calculating the costs with confidence. In other words, making a comprehensive plan for success that is true to your vision. Ultimately, whether you're planning a build-it-yourself project, or want to assess the scope of your project prior to seeking the services of contractors, Outdoor Aggregates is here to offer comprehensive support to all those planning an outdoor oasis with decorative aggregates.

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Bark wood chip calculator. Jpg

Bark and Wood Chip Calculator: Estimate Your Project Needs

Make no mistake estimating your requirements or budget with our play bark calculator. Our guide also breaks down measurements and why safety depth is essential.

Play bark calculator

Play Bark Calculator

Calculate your project needs with our easy-to-use bark coverage calculator. Find out how much you require for a safe and fun play area, or your bark chippings cover, in just a few clicks.

Gravel calculator

Gravel Calculator 101: Don't Get Caught Short On Project Day

Learn how to calculate the right amount of decorative aggregates for your landscaping project. Our guide helps to accurately calculate the materials you need.

Sub base calculator tool

Easy to Use, Sub-Base Calculator for Your Next DIY Project

Use our sub-base calculator to quickly figure out how much material the foundation for your next outdoor project needs, with imperial and metric!

Tile calculator. Jpg

Tile Calculator: Ensuring Precise Measurements for Projects

A guide to accurately calculating the tiles needed for areas of all shapes and sizes. Try our free, tile calculator to get instant accurate estimations.

Wood fiber chippings around an outdoor play area

Engineered Wood Fiber Calculator: Estimate EWF With Ease

Calculate engineered wood fiber requirements effortlessly using our free online tool. An accurate, easy, and convenient way to ensure you get what you need.

Planning Guides

Soft focus close up of slate chippings

Planning Guides Coming Soon

Easy to follow, step-by-step, detailed DIY guides on how to plan your projects. Leverage our expertise and plan your path to success.


Soft focus close up of slate chippings

Templates Coming Soon

Easy to follow, step-by-step, detailed templates coming soon. Leverage our expertise and plan your path to success.

We have a growing list of DIY project ideas and guides. Check them out!