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Tile Calculator

Ensuring Precise Measurements for Projects

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By Ben Parrot - Landscape Gardener & Amateur Geologist


Also known as a tile measurements calculator, online tile calculators have become a very commonly used tool for DIYers and professionals alike. Using inbuilt formulas, they can be very effective at helping you to estimate the number of tiles you will require for a certain area. Our calculator is able to calculate for simple hexagons as well as squares and rectangles, including the gap for grout and spacing.

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Tile Calculator Key Takeaways:

  • Tile Calculator: Just click here and you will be taken straight to our free tile area calculator.
  • Differentiate: Wall and floor tiles have some important differences for both aesthetic and functional reasons.
  • Tips and Tricks: It's always a good idea to factor in some extra for any obstructions and wastage.
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How Many Tiles Do You Need?

Arriving at an accurate estimation about how many tiles you need is not just about getting the aesthetic's looking their best. It is also about efficiently budgeting, to avoid overspending. Also, if you do not order enough tiles at the beginning you may find that it can delay your project significantly. Lastly, if you have to re-order tiles, after running out, you may not be able to get the exact ones every time.

Basic Tile Calculations

The basics of tile calculations are to simply multiply width and length of the area, and incorporate a gap size for grout and spacing. However, in order to estimate the exact number of tiles and you will need to add the tile measurements as well.

Impact of Tile Size

Often the size of the tile can have a significant bearing on the project. A longer tile can make a room look more spacious, but it may lead to more wastage. Similarly, a bathroom will benefit from smaller tiles due to the better grip. These factors should be considered.

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Floor Tile Calculator

How to Use a Floor Tile Calculator

With our tile calculator there are a number of user input sections required to get the results for your complete estimation. You will need to simply enter the dimensions of the floor area, the dimensions of the tile and its shape and the gap size for grouting. Adding the price and the amount of tiles per box are optional extras which can provide you with more clarity but are not necessary.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated Floor Tile Calculator

There are certain floor tile calculator is which can provide recommendations such as the best pattern for a room's size or shape. Ours is more simple, but can do the job for most floors.

Patio tiled with small and large squares

Wall Tile Calculator

For walls, the same principles apply, except that instead of measuring with all length, you have to input the height of the wall. When estimating the area it is worthwhile measuring the total number of windows and doors or any large fixtures separately. Then, run a calculation for each of those spaces, which can then be subtracted from the total area (and number of tiles), to get your estimation.

For example, measure each window or door, and make a note of the dimensions of each surface. Place those into the calculator, and put those results aside. Once you have measured all of the areas that would not require tiles, put the total area space into the calculator, and then subtract the results of each window or door from the total area.

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Rectangular Tiles & Dimensions

Tile Width in Projects

Tile width can also have quite a bearing on the look of your area. Wider tiles can give a more modern look, while more narrow tiles can be used for intricate design or borders. They can also affect how spacious a room feels, with wider tiles off in creating a more expansive appearance.

The Role of Tile Length

Similarly, a long tile can have an affect dad can draw the eye and create flow and direction. They are particularly common in corridors and rectangular rooms for the way they can enhance the design.

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Tile Calculator

Welcome to our square meter calculator for tiles. You may also use imperial dimension and add feet for the area, by switching with the 'switch to' button. But it's not just a tile coverage calculator - if you enter the price, it is also a tiles cost calculator.

Outdoor Aggregates Tile Calculator

Total Area, Tiles Needed And Cost


Effective Tiling Project Planning

The Significance of Accurate Floor Measurements

Accurate measurements are always vital to getting the best results from a project. It is also best practice to measure multiple points across the room, width and length wise, checking for any unexpected variations.

Calculating Tiles for Odd-shaped Rooms

Especially when you have complex shapes rooms, begin with a skeleton plan and break each complex area up into smaller measurable shapes. Calculate tiles for each section and then add them together.

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Tips and Tricks for Tiling Success

Importance of Having Extra Tiles

It's always good to have some extra tiles for when mishaps occur. Whilst you might not need boxes and boxes, the difficulties of finding a tile many years down the line when there is a breakage want some chipping that you want to fix, without spare tiles in stock you will potentially struggle to find a matching replacement for the job.

Managing Wastage in Tiling

It's always wise to factor in some wastage for added cover. Tiles break during transportation and installation, and of course there is the cutting of tiles which does not always go to plan either. The industry standard recommend purchasing approximately 10 to 15% extra to account for these issues and maintain some stock for the future.

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Tile Calculator Summary

The art of tiling is a balance between aesthetics, precision, and practicality. A tile calculator serves as an invaluable tool, bridging the gap between design dreams and the reality of measurements and materials. With the right approach, your tiling project can combine beauty, durability, and efficiency.

In conclusion, tiling is an odd but is one that can be mastered with the right preparation and an accurate estimation of your needs. With the correct measurements and the use of a handy tile calculator like ours, your tiling project will become far more manageable and easy to plan, whether you are intend on laying the tiles yourself or hiring a tiler to do the work for you.

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How do I calculate how many tiles I need?

The best way to do this is to measure the area you wish to tile, get the dimensions of the tiles you intend to use as well as the gap for grout, and then put them into an online calculator.

How do I calculate how many tiles I need for a wall?

Measure the height and width of the wall, calculate its area, and then divide by the tile's area. Using our calculator is the easiest way to achieve this.

How do you calculate m2 for tiling?

In order to calculate the metres squared of an area, just take the width and multiply it by the length. If you are measuring a wall, take the width and multiply it by the height. We offer a tile calculator square meters or feet.

How do you calculate how much tile you need?

The best way to calculate how much tile you need is to measure the area you wish to tile, get the dimensions of the tiles you intend to use as well as the gap for grout, and then put them into an online calculator.

How do you calculate how many floor tiles you need?

Utilise our tile Calculator, and always consider adding extras for potential wastage. Industry standard is approximately 10 to 15% extra.

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