Welcome to our decorative aggregates encyclopaedia's category page for gravel. Browse the different types of gravels ranging from flint, marble, granite and limestone to eye-catching, decorative blends, covering natural river rock and crushed types for use as landscaping and construction aggregate. Get the specifications of each type and learn the unique qualities they have to offer your garden design project. Delve deeper into their benefits and uses to discover ideal textures and styles that align with your vision.


Gravel blends are a versatile and eye-catching option for landscaping, with their natural contrasting colours and interesting textures. Whether composed of smooth, natural river rock or angular crushed rock, gravel blends can make a decorative pathway or feature, providing low-maintenance and durable solutions for enhancing the look of gardens and outdoor spaces.



Flint gravel, renowned for its distinct appearance, is characterized by various colours ranging from deep greys to earthy browns. Flint gravel is a visually appealing and extremely hard-wearing construction aggregate, making it resistant to weathering and heavy traffic. Its versatility extends to drainage solutions, where its robust nature ensures long-lasting performance.



Marble gravel is an exquisite and versatile decorative landscaping material found in a spectrum of natural colours, including classic whites, pinks and blue-grey. Its smooth texture and fish-friendly nature make it an ideal choice for garden paths, water features, and patios, as well as for terrariums and as a base for potted plants. Marble gravel can quickly add elegance and luxury to landscape design.

Onyx marble gravel 15-20mm close up


Granite gravel's natural strength and resistance to weathering make it ideal for driveways, pathways and as a base for patio stones. With speckled colours from grey, blue, and pink through to green, it is a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for residential and commercial applications, whether for structural support, drainage, or decorative purposes, that is also long-lasting.



Limestone gravel, a versatile, durable landscaping material and construction aggregate. Coming in a range of colours including white, dove grey and shades of beige, it blends seamlessly with any design aesthetic. Perfect for creating elegant pathways and driveways, limestone gravel also excels in construction projects, providing solid support for foundations, roads, and drainage systems.

Limestone. Jpg

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a small, rounded stone aggregate. They are used as a landscaping material for their aesthetic appeal in garden paths, patios, and driveways, offering a natural look that complements various designs. In construction, pea gravel serves as a stable base or filler in concrete projects, drainage systems, and pipe bedding. Available in multiple colours, it is a cost-effective choice for any project.

Pea gravel. Jpg

Quartzite Gravel

Quartzite gravel is a popular material for both landscaping and construction, valued for its durability and hardness. It's ideal for high-traffic areas in gardens and pathways, offering longevity and visual appeal. In construction, it's used in road building and as a foundation material. Quartzite comes in a range of colours including white, grey, pink, and red, enhancing its versatility and aesthetic value.

Quartzite. Jpg

Crushed Aggregates

Crushed aggregates, key construction materials, is favoured for its compaction and drainage properties derived from its angular shape. Angular crushed stone is better for heavy-duty tasks like driveways, sub base and drainage systems. Decomposed gravel offers a refined finish for patios and walkways. Generally recycled, each type of crushed aggregate is suited to different applications.

Crushed aggregates

Gravel for Gardens

Gravel is an excellent choice for landscaping design, offering aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Ideal for creating pathways and borders or as a base for water features, it provides excellent drainage and suppresses weed growth. Available in many colours, sizes and textures, gravel is a low-maintenance and durable material that complements any garden style, from rustic to contemporary.

Gravel for gardens

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