Limestone Gravel Types

Limestone Gravel Types


There are many limestone gravel types. It is a versatile and widely used material in the world of landscape gardening and construction aggregates, prized for its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. This natural stone aggregate comes in various types, each suited for specific applications and design needs. The most common grades of limestone gravel include crushed, pea gravel and aggregates.

Crushed limestone gravel, with its angular shape and varying sizes, is excellent for driveways and paths and as a base for paving stones due to its compactibility and drainage properties. Pea gravel, characterised by its small, smooth, and round stones, is popular for garden paths and patios. As a top layer for drainage areas, it offers a softer, more decorative appearance. Limestone aggregates are used for concrete, self-binding gravels, soakaways and all-important sub-base material.

In addition to these types, limestone gravel comes in various colours and sizes, allowing for creative and functional customisation in landscape and construction projects. Colours can range from classic whites and creams to richer, earthy tones, providing an array of options to match or contrast with the surrounding environment. Fine-grade limestone, often used in pathways and as a top dressing for driveways, provides a smoother, more uniform surface. The versatility of limestone gravel makes it a favoured choice among landscape designers and construction professionals, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for various outdoor spaces and structural needs.

In this section, we bring you the specifications, benefits and uses of the various types of limestone gravel, from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates, Outdoor Aggregates. Let's renovate your outdoor space!


Cotswold gravel. Jpg

Cotswold Gravel

Find specifications, benefits and uses about Cotswold gravel in our comprehensive entry from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Pink limestone

Pink Limestone Gravel

Pink limestone gravel, also known as Devon pink gravel because it is quarried in the Cornwall region, is a rare find in landscape design. Find out all about it in our encyclopaedia page.

White limestone

White Limestone Gravel

White limestone gravel is a economical and durable all-rounder in landscape design. Get in-depth details; product specifications, applications, alternatives to and buying tips.

Derbyshire gold limestone gravel

Derbyshire Gold Gravel

From the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates, find comprehensive specifications, benefits and uses of this buff gravel, in our Derbyshire gold gravel listing.

Grey limestone gravel scaled. Jpg

Grey Limestone Gravel

Grey limestone gravel is an economical, attractive and versatile aggregate in landscape design. Find out the specifications, benefits and uses in our encyclopaedia page.

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