Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel


Pea gravel is a popular choice for landscape gardening and construction aggregates, known for its small, smooth, and round appearance. These tiny stones, typically about 3/8 inch in size, are admired for their natural look and variety of colours ranging from white, grey and brown to a mix of shades. This versatility makes pea gravel an excellent choice for various applications, such as walkways, patios, and playgrounds, and as a mulch substitute in garden beds. Its smooth texture is gentle on bare feet, making it a favourite for paths and play areas. Additionally, pea gravel provides excellent drainage, preventing water accumulation and protecting plant roots from rot. This attribute and its aesthetic appeal have made pea gravel a staple in residential and commercial landscaping projects.

There are different types of pea gravel to suit various project needs. The most common is the standard pea gravel, widely used for its balance of affordability and quality. For those seeking a more refined look, washed pea gravel is available, which undergoes a thorough cleaning process to remove any dust and debris, enhancing its appearance and texture. Another popular type is the polished pea gravel, which is tumbled to achieve a more polished and shiny surface, ideal for decorative purposes in landscaping. For eco-conscious consumers, recycled pea gravel offers a sustainable option. It is made from repurposed landscaping materials such as concrete and glass, giving a unique twist to the traditional gravel look. Each pea gravel type offers unique characteristics, making it important to choose the right one to match a landscaping or construction project's specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

In this section, we bring you the specifications, benefits and uses of the various types of pea gravel, from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates, Outdoor Aggregates. Let's renovate your outdoor space!

Pea Gravels

10mm pea. Jpg

10mm Gravel

The original 10mm gravel, a multi-purpose landscaping and construction aggregate. Get the specifications, benefits and applications from the ONLY encyclopaedia of decorative aggregates.

20mm pea gravel. Jpg

20mm Gravel

Discover the specifications, benefits, and applications of 20mm gravel, the ultimate all-rounder aggregate, in the only encyclopedia of decorative aggregates.

Brown gravel. Jpg

Brown Gravel

The ONLY encyclopaedia of decorative aggregates. Get in-depth details about brown pea gravel; product specifications, applications, alternatives and buying tips.

Grey pea gravel

Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

Grey Pea Gravel

Find grey pea gravel specifications, benefits and uses ranging from resin-bonded to loose-fill features and versatility as a construction aggregate.

Golden quartz gravel. Jpg

Golden Quartz Gravel

Discover this versatile landscaping gem in our golden quartz gravel listing from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates. Find all the specifications, benefits and applications!

White spar. Jpg

White Spar Gravel 3-8mm

Discover the white pea gravel as pure as the driven snow in our white spar listing from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates. Find all the specifications, benefits and applications!

There are many wonderful types of gravel and aggregates available for your project needs. Check them out!