Bark for Gardens

Bark for Gardens


Welcome to our blog section focused on the use of bark chippings for aesthetic design and garden management. Produced from the outer part of various trees, these natural decorative aggregates are a favourite among landscape gardeners and homeowners alike.

In the following articles, we aim to inspire and guide you through the process of incorporating this versatile and uplifting material into your outdoor spaces. With our expert insights and tips, you'll discover how bark chippings can transform the look of your garden while benefitting from its functionality, no matter your level of experience. From mulching and weed suppression to creating inviting pathways and enchanting plant beds, we delve into the many uses of bark chippings, helping you transform your garden into a beautiful, low-maintenance environment. So, join us on this journey as we explore the endless possibilities of using bark chippings in your garden endeavours.

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Bark Chippings

Bark mulch for gardens

Bark Mulch for Gardens

Discover the benefits to using bark mulch for gardens. Find the answers to common bark myths and get up to date information to help you make the best choice for your plants.

Natural bark for play areas

Exploring the Benefits of Using Natural Bark for Play Areas

Make an informed choice about your kid's play area with our comprehensive guide to using natural play bark and create a space that is safe and fun. We also put play chips to the test.

Bark mulch 101

Bark Mulch 101: The Basics About Different Bark Products

From decorative bark to woodland mulch, learn about the various bark products and the benefits of bark mulch as a low-maintenance garden solution.

How to use bark chippings

How to Use Bark Chippings: A Guide to Natural Garden Mulching

Learn how to maximise your garden's health with the use bark chippings. This natural decorative aggregate is the secret to soil protection and weed prevention!

Play area bark vs. Garden bark 1

Play Area Bark vs. Garden Bark

Uncover the difference between play area bark and garden bark. Get the pros and cons of using bark in a play area and correct depths for safety.

Coloured bark chippings. Jpg

Coloured Bark

From red bark chippings to black bark mulch, learn how to identify the hidden dangers of coloured bark chippings before revamping your flower beds and borders!

Play bark chippings bulk bag. Jpg

Play Bark Bulk Bag: Guide to Buying For DIY Bark Play Areas

Our guide demystifies play area bark bulk purchasing. We help you distinguish between play bark ton bags and play bark bulk bags by their weight and volume.

Bulk bags of bark

Bulk Bags of Bark: The Practical Benefits

From ornamental bark chippings to landscaping mulch, get the benefits and low-down on the economic advantages of purchasing bulk bark for your outdoor projects.

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