Slate Chippings for Gardens

Slate Chippings for Gardens

Welcome to slate chippings for gardens, where we explore the creative use of the perennially-popular slate chippings for DIY garden design. Journey with us as we uncover a world of possibilities, using beautiful images and expert advice to guide you through the art and science of landscaping outdoor spaces with this versatile material, borne of the majestic slate stone.  

Our comprehensive guides cover everything from identifying a project's potential benefits or pitfalls to achieving the best outcomes by selecting the right types of chippings to meet your practical goals while complementing your project's theme. Learn about the role contrasting colours and textures play in creating different aesthetics and about the placement of slate chippings for optimal visual impact.

Whether you're aiming for a modern minimalist vibe, a contemporary style, or just a charming rustic ambiance, Outdoor Aggregates is here to provide fresh insights, DIY-friendly, step-by-step guides, and inspirational, real-life examples that will empower you to transform your garden into an unforgettable living creation using one of the decorative aggregate family's most beautiful materials: slate chippings.

Slate Chippings For Gardens

Sunny garden with lots of plants and slate chipping border

Blue Slate Garden Ideas

With our primer about the processes involved in creating many of the popular blue slate garden ideas, discover how easy it is to renovate your outdoor space using blue slate chippings.

Rockery and plants in a slate garden

Garden Ideas Using Slate Chippings

A quick guide to the fundamentals of creating stylish and practical garden ideas using slate chippings! Get expert tips and handy insights before planning your next DIY project.

Driveway of slate chippings and a car

Slate Chippings for Driveways

A practical exploration on the wonders of slate driveways. Low-maintenance, weed prevention with elegant appeal, discover slate chippings transformative power!

Slate for pathways. Jpg

Slate for Paths

Find out all about using slate for pathways. Our quick guide covers all of the crucial aspects to consider when building a slate path in your garden or outdoor space.

Slate mulch garden. Jpg

Slate Mulch

Super low-maintenance, decorative stone mulch. This alternative to traditional bark mulch is a stylish new outlook on contemporary garden and landscape design.

Slate texture close up

Slate Rockery

From contemporary design to the rustic slate rockery, dive into a creative world of colour and texture, crafting unique outdoor features for you outdoor spaces.

Aquarium slate with gold fish. Jpg

Aquarium Slate

Discover the benefits of fish tank slate, how to choose the best type, and step-by-step instructions for setting up and maintaining aquascaping slate projects.

Slate water feature

Slate Water Feature

Find out how easy it can be to add a natural stone water feature to your oasis. Discover tranquility in your own garden with a stunning slate water feature.

Check out the many colours of slate chippings available here!