Gravel for Gardens

Gravel for Gardens


Welcome to our inspiration section dedicated to the use of gravel in garden design and management. Extracted from natural deposits, this diverse range of decorative aggregates is highly regarded by landscape gardeners and homeowners for its aesthetic and practical qualities.

In the articles that follow, we aim to inspire your imagination and guide you in integrating gravel into your garden spaces effectively. Our expert advice and tips will reveal how gravel can elevate the appearance of your garden while also offering functional benefits, regardless of your gardening expertise. From creating stable and attractive pathways to enhancing drainage and suppressing weeds, we will explore the multifaceted applications of gravel. Our goal is to assist you in turning your garden into an attractive, easy-to-maintain haven.

Embark on this enlightening journey with us as we delve into the limitless potential of using gravel in your gardening projects.

Categories & Content

Decorative Gravel

Gravel landscaping applications. Jpg

21 of the Most Popular DIY Gravel Landscaping Applications

From ideas for front gardens to a gravel seating area with fire pit, explore 21 gravel landscaping applications for creating a low-maintenance garden.

Gravel paths in gardens. Jpg

A Homeowners DIY Guide to Planning Gravel Paths in Gardens

An expert primer on the fundamentals of installing gravel paths in gardens. Includes tips on choosing the right type, cost analysis and maintenance.

Stone chippings for driveways

Guide to Selecting Gravel and Stone Chippings for Driveways

DIY guide to selecting the best gravel or stone chippings for driveways, from the size and shape to how to find your ideal colour on the only website featuring the ENTIRE range of gravel available in the UK.

Gravel for driveway cost

Essential Information for Costing a Gravel Driveway

In our investigation, we go through how to calculate a gravel driveway cost in the UK, covering many commonly raised issues about installation, material costs and driveway gravel types.

Gravel for garden borders. Jpg

Using Decorative Gravels to Plant a Carefree Border Garden

A primer on how to achieve a beautiful, low-maintenance border garden design using decorative gravel as a versatile ground cover solution.

Edging for gravel

The Fundamentals of Edging for Gravel Features: A DIY Primer

A DIY guide to the fundamental benefits of edging for gravel garden features. From materials to installation tips for creating a low-maintenance, neat and attractive DIY project, we have it covered.

Gravel mulch garden

Gravel Mulch: An Essential Guide to Applications in the Garden

What is gravel mulch? We take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of its various applications, including the aesthetics, cost and weed control.

Gravel rockery. Jpg

A Gardener’s Guide to Using Gravel for Rockery Construction

Find DIY tips for transforming your garden into a natural paradise with a rockery by incorporating gravel, plants and other elements into your design.

Uses for leftover gravel. Jpg

Creative Uses For Leftover Decorative Gravel in the Garden

Want to know what to do with extra gravel? Find creative uses for leftover gravel and tips about how to dispose of it. Hint: It's not pot plant drainage!

Designing small gravel gardens

Essence of Small Gravel Gardens for Design and Construction

Begin your journey into design with our distillation of the small gravel gardens essence and how to make them impactful in any outdoor area.

Patio gravel ideas

The Design and Planning of Patio Gravel Ideas: A DIY Primer

Get the basics for designing and planning a cost-effective patio in your garden with our expert guide and overview of starter DIY patio gravel ideas.

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