Wood Chips For Garden

Wood Chips For Garden


Welcome to our blog section delving into the art of landscape gardening with a focus on utilising wood chippings in your DIY garden projects. With a passion for creating harmonious outdoor spaces using decorative aggregates, we aim to inspire and educate gardeners of all levels on the many ways in which wood chippings can be utilised to great effect around their gardens. From improving soil health to creating beautiful pathways and mulch beds, our articles will provide you with expert insights and practical tips to transform your outdoors with natural beauty.

Browse our articles and join us on this journey to unlock the potential of these natural decorative chippings as we find out what makes them a favourite for so many landscape gardeners and homeowners alike.

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Wood Chip 101: Explore the Various Types for DIY Landscaping

From play chips to hardwood chips, get the fundamentals of common retail wood chips. Learn their applications and functional benefits for gardens. An article that begins with the basics.

Wooden chippings underneath swings in a child's outdoor play area

Wood Chips for Play Area Surfaces: Natural, Safe and Fun

Explore the economical benefits of play area wood chips. Find the best natural materials for making your play areas aesthetically pleasing and safe from falls.

Wood chip path

Wood Chip Path Essentials: Primer for Planning a DIY Path

Uncover the art and science of building a wood chip path. Plan your next garden feature with our guide to creating a cost-effective, natural pathway.

Wood chip for driveway

Wood Chip Driveway: An Objective Look at the Pros and Cons

An unbiased deep dive into the pros and cons of installing a DIY wood chip driveway, including the cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, durability and maintenance needs.

Tree shredding

Tree Shredding: Discover Efficient Solutions for Green Waste

Learn the eco-friendly benefits of shredding garden waste and shredding leaves into mulch and compost. Discover the factors to consider when buying a shredder.

An outdoor pen with chickens

Wood Chips for Chickens: A Proper Floor is no Poultry Matter!

Muddy floors are no poultry matter! Stop them with chicken run wood chips on your poultry run floor. Find out why hardwood chip is best for having healthy and happy hens.

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Wood Chippings Bulk Bag: Buyers Guide for DIY Gardeners

A quick guide to buying bulk bags of wood chips. Mulching your weed-free, beautiful garden is even better when you've also bagged wood chips for the best price!

Have you considered the use of bark for mulching or sprucing up your garden borders and beds. Check out them out!