Gravel Blends

Gravel Blends


Gravel blends are an essential component in the world of landscaping, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. These versatile materials are made from a mixture of different sizes and colours of gravel, creating a unique visual texture that can complement a wide range of outdoor designs. For instance, Everest blue gravel, with its striking blue and grey tones, brings a cool, modern look to garden pathways and water features. Panda gravel, a blend of black and white stones, offers a bold, contrasting look ideal for contemporary landscapes. Meanwhile, flamingo gravel, with its warm pink and cream hues, adds a soft, inviting touch to flower beds and borders.

On a practical level, gravel is low maintenance and long-lasting. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paving, allowing for natural water drainage and not requiring frequent replacement. They are ideal for areas prone to heavy rain or those looking to create a more sustainable landscape. Additionally, using gravel can significantly reduce weed growth, minimising the need for herbicides and constant weeding. Whether used as the primary landscape feature or as a complementary element, gravel blends balance aesthetic appeal and functional utility, making it a great material for any landscaping project. The versatility and ease of installation makes gravel suitable for a wide range of DIY-friendly applications, ensuring anybody can transform their outdoor space into a beautifully landscaped area with minimal previous experience.

In this section, we bring you the specifications, benefits and uses of the various gravel blends, from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates, Outdoor Aggregates. Let's renovate your outdoor space!

Gravel Blends

Flamingo gravel. Jpg

Flamingo Gravel

Brighten up your outdoor spaces with the eye-catching flamingo gravel! Before committing, get the specifications, benefits, similar alternatives and uses in our comprehensive encyclopaedia entry.

Everest blue gravel

Everest Blue Gravel

Find the pale grey and blue hues of Everest blue gravel's specifications, benefits and uses in our comprehensive entry from the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Multi spar

Multi Spar Gravel

Multi spar gravel is a unique blend of colourful stones which effortlessly transforms any landscape. Find the specifications, benefits and uses in the ONLY encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

Panda gravel

Panda Gravel

A beautiful combination of white and charcoal to black stones, find panda gravel's specifications, benefits and uses in our listing from the ONLY comprehensive encyclopaedia on decorative aggregates.

River wash gravel

River Gravel

Get in-depth details about washed river gravel; a product rounded and smoothed by time and nature. Get the specifications, uses and alternatives from the ONLY encyclopaedia of decorative aggregates.

There are many wonderful types of gravel and aggregates available for your project needs. Check them out!