Last Modified: April 3 2024
Written by: Ben Parrot, Founder & Landscape Gardener

Welcome to our encyclopaedia of decorative aggregates, where finding inspiration and information for your planning your next DIY landscaping project design is effortless! Create stunning landscaping using chippings, gravel and decorative stones. Explore ways to incorporate decorative aggregates into your garden designs. Search our ideas by category for fresh inspiration and expert tips. Currently, this page is under construction.

Slate Chippings For Gardens

Our section dedicated to the use of slate chippings in outdoor design. Here, you will discover ideas on incorporating materials such as stone, slate, wood, and rubber into various garden features. Aside from ideas, you will also find comprehensive guides with expert insights to assist you in the practical ways to bring your vision to life. Whether you're aiming to achieve a particular ambiance or seeking inspiration for something entirely new, we're here to inspire and empower you!

Garden with chippings path and borders

Gravel for Gardens

In our gravel for gardens section, we discuss the versatile role of gravel in landscaping and construction. Derived from crushed rock or gravel pits, it's used in various applications from pathways to driveways. Gravel's durability makes it a key component in building foundations, road bases, and drainage systems. We aim to inspire creativity and emphasise its importance in landscaping and construction. Get the information or inspiration to renovate your garden with gravel.

Gravel for gardens

Wood Chips for Garden

Our section about wood chippings in landscape gardening, aiming to inspire and educate gardeners of all skill levels. We focus on how wood chips can be used to renovate gardens, from improving soil health to creating aesthetic pathways and mulching. Our expert insights and practical tips are designed to help you transform your outdoor spaces with natural beauty. Explore the possibilities and find out why they are popular among landscape gardeners and homeowners alike.

Wood chips for gardens

Bark for Garden

Our section about using bark in garden design and management, a popular choice for landscapers and homeowners. The articles provide guidance on incorporating bark chippings into outdoor spaces, for improving garden aesthetics and utility. We cover various applications such as mulching, weed control and creating pathways to enhance garden maintenance and beauty. Explore the extensive possibilities of using bark mulches in your gardening projects.

Bark for gardens

Decorative Stone

Explore our dedicated section on landscaping with decorative stones. Here, you'll find inspiration, expert tips, and comprehensive guides on how to use these versatile elements in your outdoor spaces. Learn about stone selection, placement, and maintenance, and discover how to create stunning arrangements for any style, from modern to natural. Whether you're a seasoned landscaper or a beginner, our decorative stone section is your guide to enhancing your landscape design.

Decorative stone feature

There are many different types of amazing outdoor aggregates worth considering for your garden or project design. Check out them out!